Surat Textile Pop-Up with Velcro

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The Surat Textile Pop-Up with Velcro is a high quality advertising support that offers the possibility of fixing the graphic on both the front and sides. The graphic is interchangeable due to its velcro installation system, which gives it greater versatility and functionality. Its aluminum structure in blade form provides greater resistance and stability. This type of advertising displays cause a great visual impact thanks to the large surface area of ​​the printed graphic area. The Textile Photocall is perfect for fairs, events, congresses, company meetings, press conferences or as a photocall. The installation of this advertising display is really simple and it can be assembled by one person only. You just have to open the structure, adjust the joints and fix the graphic using velcro. In a few minutes you will have an attractive advertising support.

Surat Textile Pop-Up with Velcro Main Features:
  • Available in various sizes:  Pop Up 2×3. Pop Up 3×3, Pop Up 4×3, Pop Up 5×3, Pop Up 6×3 and Pop Up 7×3
  • Includes nylon carrying bag
  • Easily interchangeable graphic
  • Double-sided graphic available
  • Installation of the graph for this pohotocall using velcro
  • Aluminum structure, strong and light
  • Lifting feet
  • Velcro included for one side
  • Does not include canvas and print
  • Recommended printing material: Frontlit 450gr canvas or 260gr Textile Polyester


(!) Support price. Does not include Canvas and Printing.


Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions N/A

2×3, 3×3, 4×3, 5×3, 6×3, 7×3

Format and Sizes

2×3 300x300x830mm Graphic Front: 1510x2235mm
Graphic (Front + Sides): 2100x2235m
Graphic Back: 1517x2235mm
3×3 850x260x270mm Graphic Front: 2240x2235mm
Graphic (Front + Sides): 2830x2235mm
Graphic Back: 2247x2235mm
4×3 850x260x320mm Graphic Front: 2970x2235mm
Graphic (Front + Sides): 3560x2235mm
Graphic Back: 2977x2235mm
5×3  850x260x350mm Graphic Front: 3700x2235mm
Graphic (Front + Sides): 4290x2235mm
Graphic Back: 3707x2235mm
6×3 820x560x270mm Graphic Front: 4430x2235mm
Graphic (Front + Sides): 5020x2235mm
Graphic Back: 4437x2235mm
7×3 820x490x270mm Graphic Front: 5170x2235mm
Graphic (Front + Sides): 5760x2235mm
Graphic Back: 5177x2235mm

Instructions and Stencil

Download here the assembly instructions, the stencils to configure your custom design and the recommended printing materials for this Pop-Up.

⇒Assembly instructions (PDF)

Print stencil (PDF)