Advertising support L-Banner Navas

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Format: 600x1840mm

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This L-Banner Advertising Navas is a portable and very light advertising support. The assembly of the L-Banner Navas does not take more than 2 minutes and no tools are necessary. The bag that incorporates the Economic L-Banner can be stored conveniently and easily transported. The graphic for this economic advertising banner support is one-sided and its installation is very simple, it adheres to an adhesive strip that includes the product. It is a perfect solution for advertising campaigns at the point of sale, product promotions at fairs, events and conferences.

Main features of the L-Banner Advertising Support Navas:
  • Easy Assembly
  • Interchangeable Graphics
  • Transport bag included
  • Made of aluminum, fiberglass and plastic
  • Does not include canvas and print
  • Recommended printing material: 330gr polyethylene


(!) Support price. Does not include canvas and Print.

Additional information

Weight 1.00 kg
Dimensions 110 × 110 × 930 mm

Format and Sizes

600x1840mm 600x1840mm 110x110x930mm

Instructions and Stencil

Download here the assembly instructions, stencils to configure your custom design and recommended printing materials.

Assembly instructions (PDF)

Print Stencil (PDF)

Printing Materials (PDF)