Torino Economic Roll-Up

Desde: 8,60 (Sin IVA)
10,41 (IVA incl.)



The Torino Economic Roll-Up is an advertising support for graphics or roll up banners, suitable for frequent use and easy to install. This one-sided economic Roll-up can become a double-sided Roll Up. To do this you must purchase a second Roll Up Torino unit and its union accessories. The excellent price-quality ratio of this advertising medium makes it one of the best-selling Roll-Up. The structure of this advertising display is made of aluminum and metal so it is very resistant to the passage of time. It also includes a special piece that improves the stability of the banner. It is completely removable and can be transported easily thanks to the bag it incorporates. The graphic for this cheap Roll-Up is interchangeable so you can use it for different events, fairs or promotions at the point of sale, you will simply have to exchange the promotional graphic.

Main features of the Torino Economic Roll-Up:
  • Easy to install without tools
  • Convertible into a double-sided Roll Up by purchasing the Torino Accessories Kit accessory
  • Storage and transport bag included
  • Exchangeable graphics
  • Made of aluminum, metal and plastic
  • It contains a special piece to improve stability


(!) Support price. Does not include canvas and Print.

Additional information

Weight 1.35 kg
Dimensions N/A

600x2060mm, 800x2060mm, 850x2060mm, 1000x2060mm, 1200x2060mm

Format and Sizes



13.827-600 | 600×2060 600x2060mm 90x90x625mm
13.827-800 | 800×2060 800x2060mm 90x90x825mm
13.827-850 | 850×2060 850x2060mm 90x90x825mm
13.827-1000 | 1000×2060 1000x2060mm 95x95x1025mm
13.827-1200 | 1200×2060 1200x2060mm 100x95x1225mm


Instructions and Stencil

Download here the assembly instructions, the stencils to configure your custom design and the recommended printing materials for this Economic Roll-Up.

Assembly instructions (PDF)

Print stencil (PDF)

Printing materials (PDF)