Lima Aluminum Frame Click System

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Lima Aluminum Frame made of matt aluminum. “Click” closure system that allows you to easily change the graph. The Lima Aluminum Frame can be mounted in portrait or landscape position. Includes screws and hangers for wall mounting. This frame is available in various graphic formats and different profiles. It is perfect for restaurants, bars, retail stores, shopping centers, theaters, airports, hospitals, supermarkets, hotels …

Main features of the Lima Aluminum Frame:
  • Matt Grey Finish
  • Available in 4 types of profile: 19mm, 25mm, 32mm y 42mm
  • Available in several dimensions: A4, A3, A2, A1, A0, 500x700mm, 700x1000mm y 1000x1400mm
  • Includes anti-reflective cover and screws for wall mounting

Displays, Roll-Ups, Banners, Pop-Ups,  

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg

A4, A3, A1, A0, A2, 500x700mm, 700x1000mm, 1000x400mm


19mm, 25mm, 32mm, 42mm

Format and Sizes








10.210 | A4 19mm A4 199x286mm 237x324x11.95mm
10.209 | A3 19mm A3 286x409mm 324x477x11.95mm
10.208 | A2 19mm A2 409x583mm 447x621x11.95mm
10.211| 500x700mm 19mm 500x700mm 489x689mm 527x727x11.95mm
10.260 | A4 25mm A4 190x278mm 242x329x11.50mm
10.259 | A3 25mm A3 278x401mm 329x452x11.50mm
10.258 | A2 25mm A2 401x575mm 452x626x11.50mm
10.261 | 500x700mm 25mm 500x700mm 480x680mm 532x732x11.50mm
10.262 | A3 32mm A3 275x398mm 339x462x13.75mm
10.263 | A2 32mm A2 398x572mm 462x636x13.75mm
10.264 | A1 32mm A1 572x819mm 663x884x13.75mm
10.266 | 500x700mm 32mm 500x700mm 478x678mm 542x742x13.75mm
10.267 | 700x1000mm 32mm 700x1000mm 678x978mm 742x1042x13.75mm
10.270 | A0 42mm A0 821x1169mm 905x1253x13.75mm
10.272 | 700x1000mm 42mm 700x1000mm 680x980mm 764x1064x13.75mm
10.268 | 1000x1400mm 42mm 1000x1400mm 980x1380mm 1064x1464x13.75mm

Instructions and Stencil

Download here the assembly instructions, the stencils to configure your custom design and the recommended printing materials for this product.

Assemblu Instructions (PDF)

Print Stencil (PDF)

Printing Materials (PDF)